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HAVN Life ships first order of natural health products to Australian partner

May 2, 2022   by CM Staff

HAVN Life Ships. (CNW Press)

VANCOUVER — Canadian biotechnology company, HAVN Life Sciences says it has shipped its first order of white label natural health products to its Australian distribution partner, Woke Pharmaceuticals Pty. Ltd.

Last year the companies signed a distribution agreement in which they decided the white label products would be available through Australian retailers, including supermarkets and e-commerce channels for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

“We are very pleased to make this first shipment of HAVN white label products into what we anticipate will be a very strong market,” said HAVN Life CEO, Tim Moore in a statement.

“With this shipment and our recent launch of the Brain Evolve Series in North America, we’re making good on our promise of retail expansion, with more global distribution growth planned for the near future.”


Both companies anticipate that their partnership will help bring the white label products to the Australia, New Zealand and China markets. They believe the natural health product markets in these countries will be worth US $52 billion by 2023.