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Harvey’s and Bauer Hockey come together during COVID-19

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Guests ordering at Harvey's drive-thrus will now pay on a payment machine attached to the end of a Bauer hockey stick

Harvey’s and Bauer Hockey are teaming up. PHOTO: Harvey”s

VAUGHAN, Ont. — Harvey’s and Bauer Hockey are working together to help keep Canadians safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guests ordering at Harvey’s drive-thrus will now pay on a payment machine attached to the end of a Bauer hockey stick, to create more physical distance between employees and guests.

A portion of the proceeds of all drive-thru sales will also be donated to Food Banks Canada to further their joint efforts to support Canadians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s a creative and fun solution to a challenging issue,” said David Colebrook, chief operating officer, Harvey’s Canada, in a prepared statement. And it ensures we can keep feeding Canadians through our restaurants and food banks.”


In addition to the hockey sticks, Bauer Hockey also re-tooled its production facilities in Liverpool, N.Y., and Blainville, Que. to make medical face shields to protect nurses and other frontline health care workers.

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“We all wish our BAUER sticks could be used to snipe bar down right now, but until hockey re-starts we’re glad to put our sticks to good use helping to protect Harvey’s Associates and customers across Canada,” said Mary-Kay Messier, VP of Global Marketing, Bauer Hockey, in a prepared statement.


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