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Hamster drives a Volvo truck [WATCH]

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According to Volvo, the tiny animal’s mere body weight was sufficient to steer the truck.

STOCKHOLM—In February, Volvo Trucks launched Dynamic Steering, a new steering technology that makes even a heavily laden truck light and easy to manoeuvre.

To prove its claims that a driver can steer the vehicle with but a single finger on the steering wheel, the truck maker hired Charlie, a 175-gram golden hamster with a hankering for carrots.

A purpose-built hamster treadmill is attached to the steering wheel and, as Charlie runs in his wheel chasing a carrot, the tiny animal’s mere body weight is sufficient to steer the truck. The accelerator and brakes were operated by experienced stunt driver Seon Rogers.

“We had to go slow and steady and make sure that Charlie ran in the right direction,” says Seon Rogers.

Here’s the video of Charlie the hamster driving a truck:


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