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GreenPower EV Star Cab & Chassis wins award from Green Car Journal

by CM Staff   

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The all-electric, purpose-built, zero-emission EV Star Cab & Chassis is the basis of GreenPower's product line.

GreenPower’s EV Star Cab & Chassis.

LOS ANGELES — GreenPower Motor Company Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of purpose-built, all-electric, zero-emission medium and heavy-duty vehicles serving the cargo and delivery market, shuttle, transit, and school bus sector, announced that its EV Star Cab & Chassis has been awarded the “2023 Green Car Product of Excellence(TM)” by Green Car Journal.

“GreenPower is honored to have Green Car Journal recognize the superior quality and versatility of our EV Star Cab & Chassis,” said GreenPower CEO Fraser Atkinson. “Having our own cab and chassis not only provides a foundation for GreenPower’s products, but also offers us the opportunity for sales to other OEMs for their product lines. This approach gives us a unique position in the medium and heavy-duty EV market.”

In announcing the EV Star Cab & Chassis as a winner of the “2023 Green Car Product of ExcellenceTM”, Green Car Journal said the award honors commercial vehicles that feature greater environmental performance through higher efficiency, the integration of advanced technology and electronics, and innovative powertrains that achieve decarbonization goals with low or no carbon emissions.

The all-electric, purpose-built, zero-emission EV Star Cab & Chassis is the basis of GreenPower’s product line. It serves as the foundation for the EV Star, the EV Star +, the EV Star Cargo, the EV Star Cargo +, the AV Star, the EV Star Refrigerated Truck, the EV Star Utility Truck and the Nano BEAST Type A school bus. The EV Star Cab & Chassis platform has a battery pack of 118 kWh, a range of up to 150 miles and will charge up to 19.2 kW on a standard Level 2 J1772 protocol or 60 kW using a DC fast charge.



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