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Graphite One announces location of new facility

by CM Staff   

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The company says the new Washington-based plant will enable it to bring battery anode production to the United States. 

VANCOUVER — Graphite One Inc. says it has chosen the state of Washington to be the new location its advanced materials processing plant.

The company says this is how it will bring battery anode production to the United States.

“This is a major step towards our 100 per cent U.S.-based advanced graphite supply chain,” said Anthony Huston, president and CEO of Graphite One in a statement.

“Washington state offers the opportunity for Graphite One to use a green energy source – Washington state hydro – to manufacture a green energy material. That’s core to our commitment at Graphite One to make our project a model of ESG in action.”


According to Graphite One, energy is the single largest cost factor associated with the productions of graphite anodes; therefore, the company expects the new plant will provide them with an advantages in keeping costs down.

A statement from the company says that Washington’s average electricity bill for 2021 to all industrial customers was 5.81 cents per KWh1, just a few cents lower than the U.S. national average of 7.26 per KWh1.

In its announcement for the new Washington facility, Graphite One referenced a White House briefing where U.S. President Joe Biden said that America needs a reliable supply chain which will include materials like lithium, graphite, and rare earth materials which are critical to the production of many American products.

Graphite One also said that it is in active and ongoing discussions with Washington State public authorities to determine where the facility will be located. The company expects the new plant will support nearly 130 high-wage jobs.


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