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Frost & Sullivan gives Plataine 2021 Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award

by CM Staff   

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Plataine combines AI, edge computing, context-aware software and Industrial IoT to create digital assistants for manufacturing.

SANTA CLARA — Frost & Sullivan awarded Plataine with the 2021 Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award for production in zero-waste manufacturing.

Plataine is a provider of digital assistants for manufacturing which requires consideration of constraints and dependencies between production operations, materials, tools, machines and HR requirements. Moreover, COVID and the erratic recovery of the global markets, present further challenges with unstable production demand, supply chain disruptions, and unexpected employee presence on the production floor given local lockdowns or personal quarantines.

To address these challenges, Plataine combined the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), industrial IoT (IIoT), edge computing, and context-aware intelligent software in a suite of digital assistants, deployed on secure cloud servers. By integrating with the ERP backbone, MES and PLM systems of customers, Plataine’s digital assistants receive production demand, customer requirements, order quantities and due dates to set boundary conditions and analyze real-time data gathered from machines and sensors on the production floor. The digital assistants then generate production plans to maximize material yield, equipment effectiveness and waste reduction as well as recommendations on best available material choices and coordinated maintenance plans for tools and other assets.

“Plataine’s market-leading technology combines proprietary AI-enabled scheduling algorithms and searchable digital threads to arm factory managers and operators with the flexibility required to make optimized decisions in real-time in a complex, dynamic manufacturing environment,” said Isaac Premsingh, a senior industry analyst, in a company statement.


Plataine’s Practimum-OptimumTM algorithm integrates Machine Learning and Optimization-Search capabilities to create a self-learning system, that emphasizes not only production KPIs, but also production plans that consider all facets.

Frost & Sullivan commends Plataine for navigating service delivery challenges during lockdown restrictions and travel bans in 2020 as Plataine completed remote online deployments with several new customers that year.

“The path to zero-waste manufacturing requires integrating software solutions to help manufacturers meet deadlines, ensure product quality, and remain competitive. Plataine’s context-aware digital assistants that constantly interact with factory assets to augment decision-making processes at the enterprise level are key to achieving factory-level optimum in three critical areas: scheduling, quality, and utilization of material and resources,” said Premsingh in a press release.


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