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Ficodis announces acquisition by Descours & Cabaud

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The objective is also to build a consolidated offering based on the Descours & Cabaud Group's expertise in supplies and equipment for the construction sector.

MONTREAL — Ficodis joins Descours & Cabaud, a French company involved in the distribution of professional supplies in Europe and North America. This new alliance, based on complementary backgrounds, represents a step in the deployment of the Group’s strategy to consolidate its presence in North America.

“Since its beginnings in 2010, Ficodis has grown and expanded at a rapid pace by rallying many major players of the industrial supply distribution sector in several key regions of Quebec, Ontario and the Northeastern United States”, said Ficodis President Christophe Bévillard. “This union with Descours & Cabaud will allow Ficodis to amplify its growth in terms of geographical coverage, volume and product offerings.”

For Ficodis, a stronger geographical footprint and new skill synergies
Since Descours & Cabaud’s Canadian outlets are located in regions where Ficodis was not previously present, this acquisition allows Ficodis to enter new markets and benefit from shared geographic coverage. As a result, Descours & Cabaud now has a total of 33 outlets in Canada located in the most active economic zones (17 in Quebec, 16 in Ontario).

“Joining Descours & Cabaud represents a great opportunity to accelerate our growth dynamic through two major development axes: a wider geographical coverage and a broader range of solutions”, added Christophe Bévillard.


The objective is also to build a consolidated offering based on the Descours & Cabaud Group’s expertise in supplies and equipment for the construction sector on one side, and on Ficodis’ specialization in industrial maintenance on the other.

“Choosing Ficodis as a new partner reflects our desire to play an increasingly important role in Canada, where development opportunities remain numerous and where growth, which has been vigorous for several years now in areas such as public transportation, manufacturing and energy, is expected to continue in the months and years to come. This acquisition will allow us to build new synergies, as well as significantly broaden our scope to establish ourselves as a partner of reference for our Canadian customers”, said Alain Morvand, Secretary General of the Descours & Cabaud Group.


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