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Entreprise Prémont launches production of Humask-Pro Vision

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New mask complies with health Canada's requirements regarding protection against viruses

Entreprise Prémont launches production of Humask-Pro Vision, a revolutionary mask for people with hearing loss and their family and professional circle, in compliance with Health Canada requirements. Geneviève Hardy, Entreprise Prémont Partner, wears a Humask-Pro Vision mask conceived to offer space between the mouth and the transparent window for greater comfort and optimum breathability.

LOUISEVILLE — Entreprise Prémont, on Dec. 9, officially launched production of Humask-Pro Vision, a windowed mask specially designed for the family and professional circle of people with hearing loss. This new mask, which will be manufactured at its Louiseville plant in Québec, has a transparent window allowing lip reading, which is necessary to compensate for hearing loss.

“This product will protect people in the professional and family circle whose facial expressions must be seen to communicate easily in situations and places when two metres of distancing can’t be maintained – for example, in the hospital, at school, at daycare and at work. Our R&D team has succeeded in developing a safe and ergonomic product on the technological cutting edge,” says Luc Girard, an Entreprise Prémont partner.

Major investments
Production has already begun to meet the strong demand for this type of mask in Québec, Canada and the United States. “We are currently able to manufacture thousands of masks per week. Starting in January 2021, output will speed up to millions of units per week, because we are on the way to fully automated production,” explains Luc Girard.

Humask-Pro Vision: a Québec innovation
Its design was conceived to offer space between the mouth and the transparent window for greater comfort and optimum breathability. Made from hypoallergenic and microporous membranes, this mask stands out for its anti-fogging and anti-glare properties obtained from the unique HUcare filtration technology, a Québec innovation.


“Humask-Pro Vision is the result of Québec ingenuity and knowhow in technical textiles and manufacturing. The local supply of medical personal protective equipment is at the core of Québec’s health and economic recovery.” affirms Dany Charest, General Manager of TechniTextile Québec, the Cluster of excellence in technical textile materials.

This new product complies with Health Canada’s requirements (ASTM F2100-19 standard) regarding flammability, breathability, and protection against fine particulates (viruses), bacteria and fluid and blood projections. Therefore, it also meets the requirements of the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST).

The plant, located in Louiseville, almost exclusively manufactures single-use surgical and procedure masks ranging from protection levels 1 to 3.


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