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For the past 10 years, Enable Capital Corp. has filled an important role in Canadian manufacturing—allowing industrial companies to access the equipment and capital they need, especially when traditional lenders have refused.

With its roots in industrial machinery, Enable Capital understands the value of manufacturing equipment, allowing it to develop flexible, customized solutions for businesses ranging from small shops to national corporations wishing to optimize their finances.

Some of the personalized options offered at competitive rates by Enable Capital include:

Operating leases: advantageous if cash flow and lease payment amounts are critical. An operating lease is considered an ‘off balance sheet liability’ and contains a provision to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease for market value. These are useful for acquiring computers of high-tech equipment.


Capital leases: For those whose goal is long-term ownership of the equipment. Similar to a bank loan, a capital lease is categorized as a long-term liability. Most purchase options range from $1 to 10 percent of equipment costs.

Sale-leaseback: When the asset owned by the client is sold to Enable for cash and in turn, rented back by the client. These arrangements are useful for manufacturers seeking additional cash for its business.

Step payment transactions: This agreement is designed to match irregular revenue streams inherent in the nature of manufacturing. Step-up leases begin with lower than normally-amortized monthly payments that increase over the term. They can also be reduced over the term of the lease.

Enable Capital finances new and used assets in industries such as metalworking, wood and plastic manufacturing. It also arranges financing for related technology and equipment, such as forklifts, industrial generators, software and computers.

To learn more about leasing and financing, check out its glossary of terms

To explore financing options for your business, contact Ken Hurwitz, account manager at Enable Capital Corp. at or (416) 614-9237 (ext. 239); or Debrah Menashy, corporate account executive, at or (416) 614-9237 (ext. 272).

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