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DICA deploys Pleora’s visual inspection system

by CM Staff   

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Pleora’s visual inspection system helps operators detect errors, such as incorrect components and orientation among others.

OTTAWA – Pleora Technologies announced that DICA Electronics Ltd. will deploy its visual inspection system to reduce manufacturing quality escapes and gather data from manual processes to help speed root cause analysis.

Pleora says its system requires only one image to start using AI, with continuous  training based on operator actions to help improve automated decision support.

DICA provides electronic assembly services for a range of industries, including industrial controls, telecom, security, and digital imaging. The manufacturer uses Pleora’s visual inspection system to help operators detect errors, such as incorrect components and orientation, solder defects, and through hole issues, for unique component types, assembly steps, and custom low-run products where automated optical inspection.

“Pleora’s Visual Inspection System provides a ‘second set of eyes’ for our human inspectors,” said Steve Vaughan, vice president, operations with DICA in a statement.

“Human visual inspection is a key component of our manufacturing processes, and Pleora’s system helps our operators make consistent and reliable decisions to ensure we always deliver to the quality standards expected by our customers.”

The visual inspection system is a camera-based solution with integrated inspection and tracking & reporting apps that can be trained on a manufacturer’s products and processes.


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