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Delta-Q Technologies announces four more companies to its partner program

by CM Staff   

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The new partners are Stafl Systems, Idneo, BSLBATT Battery, and American Battery Solutions.

VANCOUVER — On Mar. 1, Delta-Q Technologies (Delta-Q) announces it has welcomed four additional companies to its partner program, “Charged by Delta-Q.” The new partners are Stafl Systems, Idneo, BSLBATT Battery, and American Battery Solutions. These companies will have access to the tools, brand association and support to collaborate with Delta-Q in a variety of electric drive markets. This also means that Delta-Q supplied OEMs will now have a network of 13 compatible battery and battery management system (BMS) manufacturers that work well with Delta-Q’s charging solutions.

“We are excited to welcome our four new partners to the program,” said Rod Dayrit, Director of Business Development, Americas at Delta-Q. “The expansion of this program is an important milestone as we look to advance engagement and collaboration across manufacturers in the electric drive vehicle and industrial equipment sectors. By signifying our compatibility with our battery partners, and now BMS partners, we are able to expand our reach and provide OEMs with a trusted source to secure the highest quality and compatible power solutions that will ultimately expand their businesses.”

The compatibility program, which launched in May 2021, was created to try and give OEMs battery, BMS and charger combinations that will provide their electric drive products with better performance, prolonged battery life and maximum uptime. Through the program, OEMs can view tested algorithms and integrations with Delta-Q’s chargers and a variety of batteries and BMS.

“The objective of Delta-Q’s compatibility program is to help our partners increase awareness around the quality and reliability of their battery or BMS,” said Steve Blaine, Co-CEO and EVP of Engineering and Quality at Delta-Q. “We’re excited to continue our long-standing collaboration with our partners and further demonstrate the value of our combined solutions.”


As part of the program, battery and BMS partners receive a “Charged by Delta-Q” marking for use on their products, packaging and marketing materials, which they can utilize.


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