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Dalton Pharma Services announces investment in robotic aseptic powder filling line

by CM Staff   

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The acquisition of 3P innovation's RFF Cell enables Dalton to address larger segments of the pharmaceutical market and serve customers with greater global patient populations.

Robotic Fill Finish (RFF) Cell- 3P/Dalton

TORONTO — Pharmaceutical manufacturing company, Dalton Pharma Services (a Seikagaku Group company), has recently commissioned 3P innovation (Warwick, UK) to design and construct a fully automated, high-speed aseptic powder filling line to expedite the delivery of drugs to market in a more compliant, efficient, and economical manner.

This strategic investment not only expands the collaboration between the two organisations, but it also enables Toronto-based Dalton to effectively meet its current and future business needs.

Jixing Wang, President at Dalton, commented: “Due to increasing customer demand, we needed to further enhance our competencies in speed, quality and flexibility. Having maximised our capacity in aseptic powder fill/finish, we sought innovative technology to support our growth. This investment will reinforce Dalton’s market position as a leading partner in aseptic powder filling.”

Dalton identified the Robotic Fill-Finish (RFF) Cell from 3P innovation as being an ideal solution based on the feasibility studies of several difficult to handle powders. Other factors of consideration included the increased sterility assurance, reduced risk of product failure and enhanced compliance with Annex 1.


The current agreement builds on a multi-year association between the two companies. “Both 3P and Dalton share a similar mindset,” notes Chris Kotoris, Senior Director of Operations at Dalton: “We are very much focused on finding solutions to our client’s challenges whilst being nimble enough to adapt and influential enough to lead. The innovative technology of 3P innovation combined with Dalton’s cGMP facility and expertise are your perfect partners.”

The acquisition of 3P innovation’s RFF Cell enables Dalton to address larger segments of the pharmaceutical market and serve customers with greater global patient populations.

The new system comprises of fully integrated isolators with multiple linked process chambers that have been designed to provide a compact integrated solution for ready-to-use (RTU) tubs. Benefiting from six chambers, filling, stoppering, capping and crimping will all be done automatically. “What’s unique about this project,” said Nick Brooks, Managing Director at 3P innovation, “is that the line has been built from the ground up with Annex 1 compliance in mind. We are not just updating legacy equipment, here, this is a bespoke creation.”


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