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Cybeats targets healthcare sector following recent FDA mandates

by CM staff   

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Photo: CNW Group/Cybeats Technologies Corp.

TORONTO — Cybeats Technologies Corp., is accelerating commercial activities in the healthcare sector further to recent FDA mandates that have set a 90-day deadline for medical device companies to comply with new Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) regulations.

The company is actively scaling its commercial activities for the $500 billion USD medical devices sector, in order to help organizations meet this deadline and comply with ongoing regulations. Cybeats previously announced several SBOM Studio pilots including with a leading Fortune 500 healthcare company. Additionally, new Ponemon research finds 35 per cent of healthcare security leaders are moving to implement and utilize SBOM. This adoption rate from the medical sector is consistent with a wider trend across industries, with Linux estimating that 78 per cent of organizations are adopting SBOM.

“The healthcare sector is leading the way towards widespread adoption of SBOMs, which has now been dramatically accelerated by recent U.S. regulations manding SBOMs submission to the FDA by the end March 2023,” said Yoav Raiter, CEO, Cybeats. “Cybeats has been at the forefront of these coming regulations and SBOM Studio was purposely designed to help the healthcare industry address these FDA requirements, providing organizations of all sizes with the capability to efficiently manage and securely share their valuable SBOMs at scale. With our deep medtech experience and existing engagements with Fortune 500 medical device clients, we are well positioned to support the growing needs of this sector.”

Ponemon Institute in collaboration with the Healthcare Sector Coordinating Council conducted a research study on the cybersecurity challenges facing the healthcare sector. More than 400 IT and IT security practitioners were surveyed who are involved in their organizations’ supply chain risk management program (SCRM), and it was found that 35 per cent of those surveyed said they will start utilizing SBOM.


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