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CubicFarms makes $3.8M HydroGreen sale in Texas

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The Cnossen Dairy in Hereford, West Texas  currently milks 11,000 cows over 7,500 acres of farmland.

HydroGreen Certified Dealer Placed Orders for 10 Automated Vertical Pastures machines for Cnossen Dairy in West Texas (CNW Group/CubicFarm Systems Corp.)

VANCOUVER — CubicFarm® Systems Corp. has announced a 10-machine Automated Vertical Pastures™ sale valued at $3.8 million in West Texas.

Owned and operated by Jim Cnossen, the Cnossen Dairy in Hereford, West Texas  currently milks 11,000 cows over 7,500 acres of farmland.

The company’s HydroGreen division will install a 10-machine Automated Vertical Pastures™ commercial scale system to grow year-round which should provide a consistent source of forage during the drought conditions across the western United States.

“We’ve endured extreme peaks and valleys of inconsistent feed during one of the driest periods on record and needed a simple to use, innovative fresh feed technology to survive these water shortages,” said Cnossen in a statement.


“After evaluating numerous on-farm indoor growing technologies, HydroGreen emerged as the leading solution to reliably produce the high-quality feed necessary for optimal herd health and performance.”

Dairy Specialists, a division of Standard Nutrition Company, placed orders for 10 HydroGreen Automated Vertical Pastures™ machines for Cnossen Dairy. The company says this is the first of a multi-phase installation, with the potential to add additional machines capable of producing up to approximately 270,000 pounds of fresh forage per day.

Based in Omaha, Neb., Standard Nutrition Company began operations in 1886 with the introduction of livestock nutritional supplements for American family farmers. As a HydroGreen certified dealer operating in Kansas, Dairy Specialists will offer products and feeding strategies to help dairy producers achieve faster gains and higher milk production.


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