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Could you soon power your plant with a dishwasher-sized fuel cell?

Researchers hope to generate off-the-grid power that spares consumers the risk posed by black-out inducing calamities.

August 20, 2013  by Staff

If powering your operations with a fuel cell that fits on a pick up truck seems like a great idea to you, then you’re in luck.

Business magazine Forbes is reporting a partnership between the University of Maryland and a Fulton, M.D.-based company is on track to produce a fuel cell that is one-tenth the size and cost of those commercially available today.

The aim is to generate off-the-grid power that spares our distribution infrastructure the risks posed by hurricanes, earthquakes and other black-out inducing calamities.

You won’t find this at your local Canadian Tire yet, but get more  information on when you might see it at Forbes’ site


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