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Cooktop Safety to launch AI thermal sensor technology

by CM staff   

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The AI-supported stovetop monitor predicts and prevents fire danger before it starts.

KINGSTON — Cooktop Safety Inc., an innovator in thermal artificial intelligence, announces a new patent pending AI-supported thermal monitoring and an AI stovetop monitor that anticipates fire danger, alerts users and intervenes before a fire can start. The AI behavioral innovation monitors activity across and in the vicinity of stovetops using thermal imaging processed with advanced real-time AI to predict and prevent dangerous situations before they can become a threat.

“Currently, fire prevention tactics have always been for after a hazard has occurred. Our team at Cooktop Safety invented the new thermal monitoring device to anticipate and prevent accidents before harm is caused,” said David Eby, Founder and CEO at Cooktop Safety Inc. “Stovetops are the leading cause of all residential fires, and our device provides the highest level of safety precaution through AI innovation that no one has seen or used before.”

The device uses a smart notification strategy to notify users when thermal imaging anticipates a dangerous situation. This includes presence detection, reminders when the stovetop is unattended for too long, a pressing message when food is likely to be overcooked, and finally an urgent alert that intervention is required. Failure to respond in a timely manner triggers an automatic power cut-off to the appliance, effectively preventing fire ignition. The device also uses cloud-based big data analytics to detect patterns in aggregated, anonymous data collected over a large user base to determine norms that can reveal potential areas of risk.

“Cooking safety is an increasing problem in residential properties with more people cooking at home than ever before,” said Eby, Founder and CEO at Cooktop Safety Inc. “From young children to senior citizens and property managers, our design can help provide any household peace of mind when it comes to cooking safety.”

The patent pending technology creates a more accurate assessment of potential risk than the detection methods employed in other monitoring products, such as smoke detectors. The sensor also detects the presence/activity of a user. Most kitchen fires are oil fires caused by unattended cooking, and the machine-learning-based algorithm considers this for impeccable security and assurance in its assessment.


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