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CMVTC introduces Extended Stop Arm for Canadian school buses

by CM Staff   

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Transport Canada has started to pilot the Extended Stop Arm in Ontario. 

WINNIPEG —CMVTC has announced that it will become Canada’s exclusive supplier of Extended Stop Arm (ESA), which extends an additional stop sign on a school bus by 6.5 ft, in response to the growing number of distracted motorists on roads across the country.

CMVTC is a Canadian company that focuses on transportation solutions with a focus student safety on school buses.

The company said it has been working on stop arm video technologies since 2004. After completion of a pilot project involving CrossSafe technologies in Toronto, Halifax and Dartmouth back in 2009, the company reported a high frequency of drive-by violations near stopped school buses.

CMVTC said student road safety and drive-by violations of stopped buses continues to be a pressing concern for parents across the country. The company said its technology is designed to be preventative of worse case scenarios like a student fatality.

The Extended Stop Arm was created to visibly engage drivers from a distance, proactively allowing them to slow down their vehicles to a complete stop before reaching a stopped bus as it loads or unloads students.

The company also said that Transport Canada has started to pilot the ESA in Ontario.


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