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Clear Blue completes Illumient project for a residential development and two regional airports

by CM Staff   

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Clear Blue has supplied over $1.5 million USD in Illumient Smart Off-Grid Solar Lighting to the Petroleum Development Oman group.

TORONTO — Clear Blue Technologies International Inc. partnered with Rukun Al Yaqeen International, located in Oman, to provide Illumient Smart Off-Grid Solar Lighting for two regional airports in Oman, belonging to Petroleum Development Oman and one new housing development between 2018-2020. These projects involved a total of almost 900 Illumient Smart Off-Grid Lighting systems with Illumience Energy-as-a-Service remote monitoring, control and management. With all three projects, Clear Blue has supplied over $1.5 million USD, with gross margins in line with what the Company has historically reported, in Illumient Smart Off-Grid Solar Lighting to the Petroleum Development Oman group.

When it comes to developing airports, it was critical that they were both lit well for safety and security, but also that they were developed with costs in mind. For more remote and spread-out areas, solar lighting made the most sense to meet these requirements. When it came to ensuring reliability, control and remote management of these devices, Smart Off-Grid solutions were critical.

“The main focus for lighting of the airports’ exterior perimeter fencing was economic practicality and remote monitoring. These projects required a solution that was both cost-effective to implement and maintain, while providing advanced control and energy management remotely,” says Raya Al Mahruqi, Head of Products & Solutions at Rukun Al Yaqeen International. “Clear Blue was able to deliver on both of these requirements with the lowest cost solution and the Illumience energy monitoring, management and control platform. We were thrilled with the results and continue to work with Clear Blue on more projects.”

The success of Illumient has shown the value of Smart Off-Grid lighting as a possible solution for reducing costs and maintenance. Together with Rakun Al Yaqeen, Clear Blue’s Illumient solar lights are trying to show that using Smart Off-Grid lighting is the best choice for reducing total cost of ownership (TCO), while ensuring the highest reliability for situations where reliable lighting is critical for safety and security.


“Clear Blue and the Illumient brand of Smart Off-Grid lighting are interested in working with international developers on new smart, energy efficient building sites to provide greater reliability and cost-effective solutions for lighting,” Miriam Tuerk, CEO of Clear Blue remarks.


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