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Chinese firm builds 700-ton excavator that digs 50-tons of coal per scoop

Considered a major breakthrough for its mining industry, China's state-owned machinery maker XCMG unveiled its massive XE7000E excavator, making China just the fourth country able to make such machinery

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XCMG Unveils 700-ton Hydraulic Excavator PHOTO: XCMG

XUZHOU, China—XCMG, a state-owned Chinese multinational heavy machinery manufacturing company and one of the world’s biggest construction machinery manufacturers, has unveiled its first 700-ton hydraulic excavator.

The XE7000E rolled off the company’s advanced assembly line in Xuzhou, China, heralding what the company called “a new era for Chinese heavy equipment manufacturing.” The successful development and production of the new XE7000E makes China the fourth country in the world to have the capability of producing 700-ton excavators after Germany, Japan and the U.S.

The 700-ton hydraulic excavator is powered by two 1,700-horsepower motors that can generate stronger force than two Type 99 tanks. Its weighs as much as 500 cars and is 23.5 meters long.

The XE7000E can achieve a maximum thrusting force of 243 tons and a digging force of up to 230 tons, while its bucket can dig up 50 tons of coal with each scoop. It can load and transport 30,000 tons of coal in eight hours, a high level of efficiency that is a major breakthrough for China’s mining industry.

“Everyone at XCMG has spared no effort making excavating and mining machinery the No.1 business sector for the company,” said Wang Min, chairman and president of XCMG. “Not only does the arrival of the XE7000E cement XCMG’s status as a global leader in cutting-edge heavy machinery manufacturing, it also supports and promotes China’s ‘Made in China 2025’ strategy.”

While developing the hydraulic excavator’s drive wheel, guide wheel, support wheel, riding wheel and crawler, as well as an innovative soft start dual-motor control strategy, XCMG obtained 52 patents and independent intellectual property claims when designing and building the XE7000E, which is now the largest-tonnage hydraulic excavator in the country.

XCMG has invested 1.8 billion yuan (US$285.62 million) to build a 94-acre mining machinery industrial base that includes a large boring milling machining center, intelligent welding robots, and has focused R&D efforts on destressing equipment, laser tracking and measuring instruments for large structural parts.

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