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Case study: Montebello Packaging chooses NOVIPRO for its new E-SPACE-hosted ERP

December 20, 2017  by NOVIPRO

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“We’ve found a partner that really cares about our success.”
– Jean-François Leclerc, General Manager at Montebello

Montebello Packaging manufactures aluminium and laminate packaging in four plants in Canada and the United States. Operating in two countries comes with its own set of challenges, including managing multiple sites, paying separate taxes, accepting payments in different currencies, and more. To support ongoing growth, Montebello wanted to review its management system, which could no longer cope with the increasing complexity and scope of company operations. It was a challenge right up NOVIPRO’s alley, and it wasn’t long before Montebello had a powerful solution in place, customized to meet its precise needs.

A tailor-made approach
To understand how Montebello’s plants operate, the NOVIPRO team met with managers from key departments at the company’s head office in Hawkesbury as well as at the Lachine plant. After talking to production, finance, procurement, and IT managers, the team had a clear idea of its client’s business needs.
NOVIPRO used the information it gathered to implement a solution tailored specifically to Montebello. NOVIPRO has extensive experience working with major manufacturing and distribution companies, such as Soucy Group, Distech Controls, and Esterline Advanced Sensors. Many NOVIPRO employees also worked in such industries prior to joining the IT firm. The team’s knowledge of the market served them well in getting a grasp on the industry realities facing Montebello Packaging. “NOVIPRO went out of its way to understand our needs and challenges,” explained Jean-François Leclerc, General Manager at Montebello.


“They were fully committed and wanted this project to succeed just as much as we did.”

From delivery to training
NOVIPRO adapts and implements Infor integrated management tools (ERP), the tools of choice in the business software sector. Indeed, NOVIPRO was recently honoured with Infor’s North America Channel Partner of the Year Award for 2017. In the case of Montebello, Cloud Suite Industrial (SyteLine) was selected as the best tool for the job. Tool features include a CPQ adapted to the company’s specific needs. This will significantly improve the quote process, making it faster and more accurate.

With the solution selected, NOVIPRO set about training Montebello employees in order to get them up to speed using the new tool. Once again, members of NOVIPRO’s multidisciplinary team played a key role here, helping build a relationship of trust with the employees at each plant. “The training really paid off because we knew the Montebello work environment and spoke the same language as company employees,” said Réjean Thériault, Account Manager at NOVIPRO. “That meant we could provide key strategic advice and assist them in all of their business processes.”

A real impact
Before the SyteLine tool was implemented, quotes and order taking were in two separate systems, which increased the risk for error. The new business solution not only streamlined the quote process, but also eliminated the possibility for error because the two processes were integrated into one solution. “The two activities were disconnected” said Jean-François Leclerc. “With the new solution, we’ve achieved a better end-to-end process and quality control.”

In addition to its personalized ERP solutions, NOVIPRO offers businesses 360-degree support for all their IT needs. After its new ERP was implemented, Montebello moved its activities to the private E-SPACE cloud managed by NOVIPRO. “NOVIPRO provides turnkey services—and the peace of mind that goes with it,” said Jean-François Leclerc. “They are our trusted IT partner.”

About NOVIPRO: NOVIPRO is an IT business transformation specialist that supports companies with a wide range of solutions, professional services, ERP, software, infrastructure solutions, big data, analytics, and cloud computing platforms.

NOVIPRO has offices in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, and Paris.

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