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CAPiTA building CO2 emission-free snowboard manufacturing plant

Seattle, Wash.-based snowboard manufacturer focuses on sustainability with reduced emissions, water-based inks and plant-based resin

January 27, 2015  by Cleantech Canada Staff

CAPiTA's Mothership will be a zero CO2 emission, 100 per cent hydro and solar-powered factory

CAPiTA’s Mothership will be a zero CO2 emission, 100 per cent hydro and solar-powered factory. PHOTO: CAPiTA MFG.

SEATTLE, Wash—Snowboard manufacturer CAPiTA Super Corp. is building a new 4,900-square-metre manufacturing facility it says will have no CO2 emissions and will be completely powered by hydro and solar sources.

Dubbed “The Mothership,” CAPiTA’s facility will be built on 2.8 hectares in Feistritz a.d. Gail, Austria, and will house all tooling, milling, printing, pressing, grinding, finishing, packaging and logistics operations.

The advanced research lab will also feature a groomed, 1.2 km on-site testing slope.

The plant will be fueled by a new hydropower station built in cooperation with the local community. The company says new production technology that runs at a lower temperature will require less energy and specialized water pumps will regulate climate control.


The company’s sustainable initiatives include the development and use of reforestation-certified wood cores and advanced industrial material recycling. Healthier production techniques will also be used, such as water-based inks, plant-based resin and solvent-free finishing.

“Moving forward, our goal is to make the best snowboards in the world, utilizing socially responsible manufacturing for a dynamic and demanding marketplace,” says CAPiTA president Blue Montgomery.