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Cannara Biotech releases vape cartridges in B.C.

by CM Staff   

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The company is attempting to expand and is releasing a number of cannabis-related products in B.C.

MONTREAL — Cannara Biotech Inc., a Quebec-based manufacturer of cannabis and derivative product offerings, announced its entry into the British Columbia (BC) market. In addition, the Company is also announcing the launch of its first two product offerings in the vape and accessory categories.

“The BC Liquor Distribution Branch has shown great confidence in our brands’ strong value proposition by listing seven SKUs across Tribal, Nugz, and Orchid CBD. We couldn’t be happier to see our flower, pre-roll, and hash concentrates ship to British Columbia retailers and consumers this week, and we thank our dedicated team that has overseen the growth and expansion across three of Canada’s largest markets, Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, in addition to Saskatchewan,” said Zohar Krivorot, Chief Executive Officer.

This month, the Company also launched its first live resin vape cartridge, Tribal G Mint, in Ontario. “Tribal Gelato Mint flower has been a consumer favorite in Ontario, and a key genetic to capture market share when we entered the market in November 2021,” commented Nicholas Sosiak, Chief Financial Officer.

The Company has also introduced a premium universal 510 vape battery, the Tribal UNI Pro ARK, in collaboration with well-known premium vape manufacturer, Yocan, to provide a superior consumer vaping experience. “Cannara is pleased to have partnered with Yocan to deliver a vape battery that we have the utmost confidence in. Cannara is the exclusive partner for custom Uni Pro 2.0 devices in Canada, and we expect this accessory to be a big hit with our customers as we bring this product across all markets in Canada going forward,” concluded Mr. Sosiak.



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