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Canadians still making a point of buying Canadian

A Canada-made tag can still edge out cheaper international products

June 22, 2015  by Canadian Staff

TORONTO—Despite the abundance of less expensive international products, ninety-two per cent of Canadians still try to make a point of purchasing Canadian brands and Canadian products, a new survey has revealed.

People’s motivation for doling out a little more of their hard-earned dollars for Canadian goods relies mainly on supporting the Canadian economy and job market. Three-quarters of those surveyed said they buy Canadian to support the economy while 66 per cent are loyal to Canadian brands to to keeps in Canada.

A sample of over 1,000 recently surveyed Canadians said the two most significant factors in what makes a brand Canadian are that the products are made in Canada, and that the majority of the brand’s workforce is based in Canada, according to the Ebates survey.

“Even though there are less expensive internationally produced items readily available, Canadian consumers are clearly loyal to Canadian brands and merchandise when it comes to their purchase decisions,” says Adrienne Down Coulson, general manager of Ebates Canada.


“The survey results show us that Canadian consumers do their research and make educated decisions balancing cost savings with supporting the local economy,” she added.

The top five products that Canadians are most likely to purchase from Canadian producers include food, beer, clothing, furniture and wine.

Fifty-six percent of the male respondents are more likely to purchase Canadian beer, whereas 49 percent of female respondents are more likely to support Canadian clothing brands.

The survey also found that the older people get, the more loyal they are to Canadian products. Canadians over 45 are the most likely to buy Canadian brands and products.