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Canadian labour market continues to stagnate

Country added 12,000 jobs in September, while unemployment crept up 0.1 per cent

October 9, 2015  by Canadian Staff

OTTAWA—The Canadian labour market continued to perform at a steady, if unimpressive pace through September. Employment inched up 12,000 jobs, or 0.1 per cent, while unemployment also climbed marginally to 7.1 per cent, according to Statistics Canada.

September saw losses in full-time employment and gains in part-time work. Full-time employment was down 62,000, while part-time work was up 74,000. With September representing the end of the third quarter, the Canadian job market has been little changed throughout 2015. 63,000 positions were added in the first quarter, 33,000 in the second and 31,000 in the third.

On a provincial basis, September saw employment rise in B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and P.E.I. Meanwhile, it fell in Ontario as well as Newfoundland and Labrador.

The month also saw the number of self-employed workers increase by 31,000. The private sector remained largely unchanged, while public sector employment declined 29,000. In the past 12 months, self employment is up 2.5 per cent, or 68,000; the private sector is up 0.6 per cent, or 71,000; and the public sector has been relatively stagnant.