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Canadian energy sector could be foundation for new global economy: Redford

by Lisa Wichmann, reporting from the National Buyer Seller Forum   

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Redford called for a national energy strategy to fully realize the export and investment value of Canada's energy resources.

Edmonton—Alberta Premier Alison Redford says the oil sands will benefit all of Canada and provide the energy industries across the country need to operate.

“Energy, and I’m talking about more than the oil sands here, will be the foundation for the new global economy, and Alberta and Canada will be at its very centre,” said Redford.

“Over the next two decades, world energy demand is expected to grow by one third or more. Energy will become even more precious and it will have stark strategic implications for nations that have it and nations that don’t.

“For Canada, that is blessed with abundant and diverse natural resources, and for our partners, the emerging energy economy brings tremendous opportunity and we have to make the most of it… in a timely fashion,” she said.


The Premier made her comments at the opening dinner of the National Buyer-Seller Forum, an event in Edmonton to connect buyers and sellers along the oil sands supply chain.

Redford called for a national energy strategy to fully realize the export and investment value of Canada’s energy resources. She also met the oil sands environmental question head on, referring to new regulations coming on board this fall that will create a single energy regulator applying the same business rules for everyone.

Redford said part of the challenge faced by oil sands developers is many Canadians view the oil sands as a benefit to Alberta alone. For that reason her government is setting out to increase the “energy literacy” of Canadians and advertise the national economic benefits.

“This resource is the foundation for global supply chains that will ensure Canada’s growth and prosperity for decades to come,” Redford continued. “This level of investment needs more than just Albertans and Canadians standing shoulder to shoulder. It requires partnerships with global construction and manufacturing firms.”


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