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Canadian-adopted version of ISO 9001 now available

Latest version was updated in 2015 to reflect the challenges currently facing global businesses

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CSA Group has announced the Canadian-adopted version of ISO 9001, CAN/CSA-ISO 9001—Quality Management Systems, is now available for purchase. Canadian stakeholders have vetted this version and deemed it appropriate for the Canadian marketplace.

As one of the most widely-used standards in the world, the latest version of ISO 9001 was updated in 2015 to reflect the challenges currently facing global businesses. It features many changes to its structure and content, making it more relevant and user-friendly to businesses than ever before.

A few highlights from CAN/CSA-ISO 9001 include:

• The same high-level structure used by other ISO management system standards, simplifying management and maintenance requirements for organizations that have implemented multiple management systems.
• An increased focus on risk-based thinking to better prevent undesired outcomes.
• Greater emphasis on engaging leadership at multiple levels of an organization.
• Risks and opportunities addressed in a structured manner to encourage organizations to be proactive and help them gain efficiencies.

CAN/CSA ISO 9001 is also complemented by CAN/CSA ISO 9000, which describes the fundamentals of quality management systems and defines related terms.

As an integral part of the international committee responsible for maintaining the ISO 9000 standards, CSA Group also offers comprehensive training solutions to help organizations apply this critical standard. A newly-developed one-day transition course helps organizations already familiar with ISO 9001 understand the significant updates to the standard, and highlights how to manage these conceptual changes in the workplace. Lead and internal auditor training courses, which cover the entire quality management audit process from initial planning through execution and reporting, are also available.

For a limited time, CSA Group is offering a special early bird discount on Fall ISO 9001-based training courses. Register before June 30th and receive up to $255 off select ISO 9001-based lead or internal auditor training courses from September to December 2016.

The standard is currently available in English and French in PDF format.

To learn more about CAN/CSA -ISO 9001, visit the CSA Group website.

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