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Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) 101

The Five Basic Steps of Compliance

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CASL came into effect in 2014; with the goal to reduce the amount of unwanted commercial emails received by Canadians.

In short, CASL prohibits companies sending commercial electronic messages (CEMs) without the recipient’s (customers, prospective customers or referrals) consent. Any kind of email, email newsletter, text messages and direct messages from social media intended to encourage participation in a commercial activity can be considered a CEM, including emails promoting services and goods.

Implied Consent:
In certain situations, CASL allows the sending of a CEM if the recipient has provided implied consent. Implied consent may exist where there is already a business relationship or where the recipient has already provided their email without stating they do not wish to receive CEMs. Implied consent may also exist if the recipient is a donor, volunteer or a member.

Implied consent is only valid for a maximum of two (2) years in the case of a customer and for a maximum of six (6) months in the case of a prospect, after which their respective consent must be obtained again. Failure to comply with CASL can result in a fine by the CRTC of up to $10 million per corporation.

CASL Compliance—Five Basic Steps

1. Obtain consent
• Obtain consent (implied or express) to send any kind of commercial electronic message

2. Establish anti-spam policies
Develop and enforce clear anti-spam policies for all types of CEMs.
• Obtaining consent
• Inclusion of contact information from the sender
• Providing an opt-out option in every communication
• Consequences for lack of compliance

3. Staff training
• Provide regular training (and testing) for staff

4. Redefine the approach for email marketing
• Clarify and optimize a process for CASL compliant email sales and marketing processes

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5. Implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

The Business Development Bank of Canada recommends to “implement CRM software to track email marketing efforts. CRM systems can offer a relatively simple way to track communications organization-wide, while helping to tailor marketing outreach to specific clients. They can also help in collecting valuable metrics such as email open rates and marketing driven website traffic.” 1

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1. Canada’s anti-spam legislation: What you need to do. Accessed July 15, 2017.

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