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Canada Goose to offer its employees paid leave for COVID-19 vaccinations

by CM Staff   

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Canada Goose endeavours to remove barriers to vaccination for its manufacturing employees.

TORONTO — On Mar. 24, Canada Goose announced that, in an effort to remove barriers and ensure equitable access, it will offer all employees up to four hours paid leave to receive COVID-19 vaccinations. Employees across its global operations will also receive access to on-demand information regarding COVID-19 vaccines.

“I believe that as vaccinations ramp up, and as global supply continues to increase, we have entered a new, hopeful phase in our global fight against COVID-19,” says Dani Reiss, President & CEO of Canada Goose. “As a leader in the Canadian manufacturing industry, and employer of thousands in Canada and around the world, I am proud to do our part to ensure that all Canada Goose employees have equitable and informed access to vaccines.”

All Canada Goose employees will also have access to on-demand information regarding COVID-19 vaccines, as well as the ability to have vaccine-related queries addressed by a medical professional. This supports the company’s focus on employee well-being during the pandemic, which has included its Employee Assistance Program.

This announcement aligns with the company’s Canada Goose Response Program, which early on saw the company pivot its Canadian manufacturing capabilities to produce personal protective equipment (PPE). Between March and October of 2020, Canada Goose manufactured more than 2.5 million units of PPE to address federal and provincial contracts, all sold at cost, and also donated more than 34,000 units of PPE to hospitals and medical facilities across Canada and the Mount Sinai Health System in New York.



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