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California spice maker employs dehydration technology developed by B.C. firm

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EnWave Corp.'s nutraREV machine installed at Napa Mountain Spice Co. to dry bay leaf products

VANCOUVER—A British Columbia firm has installed a cutting-edge dehydration machine for a California-based spice maker.

According to EnWave Corp., it installed one of its nutraREV machines for Napa Mountain Spice Co., which will be used to process dehydrated spice products.

Based on EnWave’s patented radiant energy vacuum (REV) technology, the nutraREV unit will use a combination of vacuum pressure and microwave energy to deliver a high-speed, low-temperature process to dehydrate bay leaves for the northern California company.

The company said the use of REV technology will help achieve an enhanced flavour profile, brighter natural colour and increased preservation of nutritional properties.


It will also help Napa Mountain achieve the highest food industry safety standards.

“EnWave’s REV technology has improved our efficiency, tracking ability and processing protocols, offering even more benefits than originally anticipated,” Napa Mountain CEO Paul Attard said in a statement.

“Napa Mountain hopes to increase its market share by offering the highest-quality bay leaf products available anywhere in the world with cycle times reduced from one day to less than one hour.”

As part of the commercial license agreement signed by the two firms, Napa Mountain will pay EnWave a royalty on wholesale revenues from the sale of products processed using REV technology.

The signing of royalty-bearing commercial licenses for use of REV technology is part of the Vancouver firm’s growth strategy.

“This successful machine installation and start-up at Napa Mountain is the first of many machine installations that EnWave hopes to complete in 2014,” EnWave co-chief executive and chairman Dr. Tim Durance said.


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