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U.S. firm launches aftermarket parts for Tesla Model S

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Body parts first to hit market; performance, suspension components on the way

HAWTHORNE, Calif.—There’s no denying the Tesla Model S is a revolutionary automobile.

It took the formula for what an electric car should be and turned it on its head, giving the Toyota Prius the finger as it obliterated everything we thought we knew about what an environmentally-friendly car should be.

Fast, efficient and beautiful—and all from a company with zero experience building cars.

It’s those looks that really help the Model S stand out in a crowd (read: the parking lot at your nearest mall).


But with a price tag in the neighbourhood of a BMW M3 sedan—and the performance chops to match—Tesla missed the mark on giving enthusiasts a way to personalize their rides.

Fret not, wary rich guys, a California tuning house has your back.

The self-proclaimed world’s first tuning company dedicated to the Model S, Unplugged Performance has launched a line of new aftermarket products to take the sedan’s beautiful lines from lovely to lustful.

Described as a “tastefully aggressive redesign,” the Unplugged team gave all sides of the Model S a refresh, with an available front fascia, side skirts rear diffuser and spoiler that give the sporty sedan the assertive accoutrement it deserves.

“I can say from experience that every car including even the greatest super cars have the ability to become better still when upgraded with the right selection of parts,” Ben Schaffer, president of Unplugged parent company Bulletproof Automotive, LLP, said in a statement.

“It has been proven again and again that regardless of how great a car is from the factory, it is truly only a starting point to extract the vehicle’s true potential.”

Sticking with that theme, Unplugged is also developing modifications to boost the power of the Model S, as well as an aftermarket suspension system.

All Unplugged body parts come ready-to-install in colour-matched paint and carbon fiber finishes.

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