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Building a 3D car with just 49 parts — Adhesives to the rescue

Local Motors turns to LOCTITE® for high-performance manufacturing solution

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For both a high-performance off-road racer and a car with 49 parts, every part must work every time, and LOCTITE threadlockers make sure fasteners do their jobs.

Local Motors, a technology company, faced two different challenges when it set out to build two very different vehicles: the Rally Fighter, a high-performance off-road machine; and the Strati®, a 3D printed electric-powered car that had just 49 parts. To meet both challenges, Local Motors turned to LOCTITE threadlockers.

Making sure the Rally Fighter could withstand racing in extreme conditions without constant maintenance was a challenge. So was eliminating from the Strati many of the 25,000 or more parts found in a normal car.

Founded in 2007, Local Motors combines co-creation and micro-manufacturing to bring hardware innovations to market at unprecedented speed. Local Motors’ global co-creation community is made up of enthusiasts, hobbyist innovators and professionals. It operates a growing global network of microfactories.

The solution

Off-road racers like the Rally Fighter are subject to jarring bumps and vibration that can shake loose even the sturdiest nuts and bolts. And every one of the 49 parts in the Strati is critical, so making sure those nuts and bolts stay tight was essential to realizing Local Motors’ concept for Strati.

Applying LOCTITE threadlockers to those fasteners gave Local Motors confidence that once their mechanics tightened a bolt or screw, it would stay tightened, even under the challenging conditions of off-road racing.

By filling the thread roots and preventing side-to-side movement, LOCTITE threadlockers have dramatically increased the reliability of threaded assemblies for over 60 years. New advancements provide higher temperature resistance, improved oil tolerance and primerless performance—providing significant benefits to businesses like Local Motors.

In addition to 3D printing, Local Motors’ business model includes new concepts in crowd-sourced design and co-manufacturing, being flexible in its designs, and, as in the case of the Strati, going from concept to driving in four months. Local Motors credits LOCTITE with helping make that possible.

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