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Bow Valley College introduces courses focused on reskilling and upskilling

by CM Staff   

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New program to help manufacturing employees out of work or looking to transition their skills for a future-proof economy.

CALGARY — On Apr. 20, Bow Valley College announced the launch of a new suite of courses through a Competency-Based Education (CBE) model. After receiving ministry approval, applications are now open for a new Cloud Computing Post-Diploma Certificate. The college is also accepting students in its redeveloped Data Management Analytics (DMA) Post-Diploma Certificate. Both programs will be available starting in January 2022 and will function under Competency-Based Education principles.

What is Competency-Based Education? 

The CBE model of delivery puts students at the centre of their own learning, allowing them to chart their courses at a speed that works best for them. When students begin their educational journey at Bow Valley College, they will go through an assessment to uncover skills they already have. They will then receive a custom learning pathway which will help them acquire knowledge in the gaps that remain. Classes will take place online in real-time, or online anytime at an individual’s pace and ability. This will allow students to keep working while upskilling to earn a promotion or move onto their next career.

“We are hearing a lot about Calgary’s new economy and a need to reskill and upskill successful, experienced workers who have been laid off, or those who are looking to fill gaps in their knowledge. Bow Valley College believes Competency-Based Education is an efficient solution that recognizes hard-earned work experience while helping people expand their skills to position themselves as stand-out candidates in our ever-expanding digital world.” -Dr. Misheck Mwaba, President and CEO, Bow Valley College.   


Students will use feedback from each competency assessment to guide their personal development with support from their instructor, academic advisor, and other staff across the college.

Cloud Computing. 

Students can apply now to obtain their post-diploma certificate in Cloud Computing. This program is ideal for someone currently working in the Information Technology (IT) field but wants to transition to work in a cloud environment. This is a high-growth industry with more and more businesses moving to the cloud, reducing hardware through cloud infrastructure. Students will learn to develop and implement cloud systems and applications. They will also build coding skills and applied systems management skills.  

Data Management Analytics (DMA).

Calgary is shifting to a digital economy and Bow Valley College wants to be a trailblazer in this new frontier. Recognizing there is a need for more data knowledge, students can apply now to achieve a post-diploma certificate in Data Management Analytics (DMA). Students will gain valuable tools necessary to help companies make better use of their resources to find efficiencies. 


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