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Adhesive case study: Loctite 4090 solves bonding challenge

Canadian sign manufacturer boosts production and customer satisfaction

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—Sponsored article by Henkel Canada Corp.

Every industrial assembly application carries its own set of challenges. Factors such as adhesive raw materials selection, temperature resistance, viscosity and curing time must be reviewed.

In the case of one Canadian sign manufacturer, problems were arising with the performance of double-sided tape in holding metal trim pieces to clear plastic sign faces. The substrate used is stainless steel to PMMA (Polymethlmethacrylate).

The manufacturer was using an assembly method involving hand cut double-sided tape. The process slowed sign production; the tape strength to PMMA plastic was poor; and the loss of trim pieces lowered customer satisfaction.

Added to that, the tapes were opaque and their visibility detracted from the sign’s aesthetic appeal.

The solution

The Henkel team suggested a fast-setting, non-blooming adhesive with high bond strength to both stainless steel and PMMA plastic—specifically Loctite 4090.

Prior to adhesive dispensing, the protective film is first peeled away from the PMMA plastic surface. The stainless trim pieced is wiped with a clean dry cloth to remove shop dust.

Loctite 4090 is dispensed directly into a precut channel in the plastic sign face. The stainless steel trim piece is then hand pressed into the groove to complete the sign assembly.

The adhesive increases sign production by reducing the labor to cut and place multiple pieces of tape in the trim channel. A superior bond is achieved while overall sign costs are lowered.

Loctite 4090 is easily dispensed and fixtures quickly to reduce the time and labor of the sign assembly. It also provides superior bond strength on acrylic plastics to prevent previous trim loss problems. 4090 is colorless, eliminates blooming, and resolves previous appearance issues.

Henkel is a leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of tailor-made solutions for our customers and of high-quality consumer products. For more information visit: Henkel Canada Corp.

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