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Bombardier’s health and safety practices during COVID-19 pandemic receives recognition

by CM Staff   

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Bombardier also recently announced the opening of a YUL vaccination hub, partnering with Montreal's aviation community.

MONTRÉAL — On Apr. 30, Bombardier announced that it had been selected by the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec (FCCQ) as one of the Grand Laureate winners of the 2021 Mercure Award in the Health and Safety category.

Bombardier was awarded a 2021 Health and Safety Mercure for its health and safety program. At the outset of the pandemic in 2020, Bombardier adapted and put rigorous preventive safety measures in place to protect its employees and its operations. In addition to working from home protocols for office staff, Bombardier also implemented physical distancing practices through the use of “work bubbles” for essential employees supporting the continuing manufacture and customer delivery of business aircraft. Other measures included extensive training, testing trailers set up at all of its manufacturing sites, physical distancing protocols, tool disinfecting stations, and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements among others – all of which ensured the safety and well-being of Bombardier’s employees and operations.

“We are very proud that this important award recognizes our health and safety program,” said Paul Sislian, Executive Vice President, Operations and Operational Excellence, Bombardier. “Given the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the pandemic, this award is a testament to the resilience and innovative spirit that is embedded in the Bombardier DNA. I commend the work and collaboration that took place between the public health system, our unions and our dedicated employees, which helped us to strengthen our HSE leadership within the aviation industry.”

As part of Bombardier’s effort to support the Public Health strategy, it was also announced recently that the company was partnering with Montreal’s aviation community and actively contributing to the vaccination drive in Quebec with the creation of the YUL vaccination hub in collaboration with ADM Aéroports de Montreal, Air Canada and Biron Health Group. Starting in May, Bombardier is dedicating one of its hangars located in Dorval, Quebec, as a vaccination site, while providing logistics expertise and resources to speed up mass vaccination in the workplace.



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