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Black Swan Graphene and Graphene Composites initiate commercial partnership

by CM Staff   

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GC Shields offer lightweight ballistic protection to the law enforcement and defense sectors.

TORONTO — Black Swan Graphene Inc. and Graphene Composites Ltd., an advanced materials engineering company, announce that they have initiated a commercial partnership for the supply of Black Swan’s graphene used in the fabrication of GC Shield®, a patented ballistic protection technology. Furthermore, Black Swan says they are seeing strong interest for its graphene enhanced masterbatch products. Several initiatives involving high-profile customers are currently underway, and the Company expects to provide more details in the near future.

GC Shields offer lightweight ballistic protection to the law enforcement and defense sectors. Utilizing advanced materials and GC’s patented graphene-aerogel composite, these shields possess force dispersion capabilities providing protection against multiple shots, stacked rounds, and edge impacts.

GC says they are currently extending the GC Shields technology using Black Swan’s graphene to other applications, where the strength, resilience and lightweight properties of the composite can reportedly provide significant protection, including vehicle armour with certified STANAG Level-1 tests.

Dr Steve Devine, Chief Technology Officer of GC, commented: “The quality, stability, and purity of the graphene produced by Black Swan, now utilized in the manufacture of GC Shields, ensure a highly stable product. Combined with their ISO-certified manufacturing processes, scalability, and competitive pricing, Black Swan offers significant reassurance regarding ongoing quality, cost, and production reliability within the supply chain.”

Michael Edwards, Chief Operating Officer, of Black Swan, added: “We have been collaborating with Graphene Composites for some time and are delighted that their GC Shields products are being adopted in high-profile global safety applications. We look forward to continuing our partnership and developing further innovative solutions together.”


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