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Americans think Canada is key to economic recovery

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WASHINGTON: In a recent poll by the Canadian American Business Council (CABC), Americans ranked their economic relationship with Canada as the most important when compared with other countries.

“This latest round of polling is evidence that its a consistent belief among the American public that having good relations with Canada is very important for the US economy,” said Maryscott Greenwood, executive director for the CABC, in a release. “Polls like this one confirm that Americans value the special relationship that exists between our two countries.”

The survey found that 72 per cent of Americans think it is “very important” for the US to have good economic relations with Canada. The country’s relationship with its other five major trading partners ranked as less important in terms of benefits to the US economy—China (60 per cent), Mexico (40 per cent), Japan (63 per cent), Germany (40 per cent) and the United Kingdom (57 per cent).

“This round of polling shows that Americans value the interconnectedness of our two economies to support job creation and economic recovery,” said Don Millar, a member of the CABC Board of Directors and Managing Director at FD, an international management consulting firm.


“With these results, Americans are sending a clear and direct signal to policy makers that we should work to enhance opportunities for greater cooperation between our countries,” added Millar.


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