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Alithya launches Alithya GoTest

Alithya GoTest is the company's newest version of test automation and continuous testing solutions.

January 26, 2022   by CM Staff

MONTREAL — Alithya Group inc. has launched Alithya GoTest, the newest version of its test automation and continuous testing solution.

Alithya GoTest is a software that enables rapid development of automated tests. The company said the tests applied were carried out using keywords. According to the company, Alithya’s intellectual property owes its development to its ability to perform different types of functional tests in all software environments and programming languages.

“Since its first iteration, we have continued to perfect the Alithya GoTest solution for the benefit of our customers. The proven technology powering Alithya GoTest is already in use by multiple and major Alithya customers across all of our industries. Additionally, as our telecommunications and insurance customers prepare to step up their digital shifts towards regulatory compliance, we are seeing a great deal of enthusiasm for Alithya GoTest for themselves and for their customers,” said Michel Lacasse, Senior Vice President, Sales in a statement.