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Alberta premier defends $120K trip to oil and gas show in India

Alison Redford will be joined by be representatives from 25 Alberta energy service companies

January 8, 2014  by The Canadian Press

CALGARY—Alberta Premier Alison Redford is offering no apologies for her trade mission to India which begins this week.

The trip to Petrotech, the largest oil and natural gas trade show in the region, will cost taxpayers $120,000.

Redford is to be joined by representatives from 25 Alberta energy service companies.

She says India and China are major trade markets for the province.


Redford says success will be measured by commercial agreements.

She will also use the tour to open Alberta’s new trade office in New Delhi, which will be based out of the Canadian consulate.

“We have already an existing relationship based on agriculture. Many Albertans may not know there’s a great deal of energy development happening in India offshore and on land,” Redford said ahead of the trip.

“It signals to decision makers in India, both in government and in industry, that we’re committed to building that relationship further.”

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