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Chemical resistant coating solves corrosion challenge

Canadian waste management company saves on maintenance

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—Sponsored article by Henkel Canada Corp.

When corrosion started to appear in commercial and industrial trash containers at a world-leading Canadian waste management company, Henkel Canada had just the right solution.

Corrosion reappears very quickly on steel container surfaces, and the waste management company decided rubber coatings and UHMW sheets were too cost prohibitive and time-consuming.

Instead, the company opted for Loctite Nordbak chemical resistant coating. Designed to protect equipment and concrete against extreme corrosion caused by chemical exposure, this coating forms a smooth, glossy, low friction finish. It guards against turbulence, abrasion, and cavitation. Low viscosity epoxy can be applied by brush or pressure sprayed.

At the waste management company, surfaces are first prepared by grit blasting down to bare metal and then painted with primer. Loctite Nordbak Chemical Resistant Coating is applied by using both hand brushes and rollers to coat all interior surfaces of the bin. The coating is allowed to dry for 16 hours.Henkel corrosion waste mngt

Bin interiors now have a durable coating with superior corrosion protection that reduces maintenance labour requirements to maintain the containers.

Henkel is a leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of tailor-made solutions for our customers and of high-quality consumer products. For more information visit: Henkel Canada Corp.

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