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10 Global pharmaceutical companies launch supplier program to advance climate action

by CM Staff   

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The Energize program will enable pharmaceutical suppliers to learn more about renewable energy adoption and contracting.

MISSISSAUGA— Schneider Electric has introduced Energize – a program to increase access to renewable energy for pharmaceutical suppliers.

The Energize program is a collaboration between 10 global pharmaceutical companies to engage hundreds of suppliers in climate action and decarbonization of the pharmaceutical value chain.  Creating life-saving medicines and services requires a lot of energy, much of it being used by the value chain.

The 10 convening companies are engaging with their suppliers to create renewable energy opportunities and address their energy usage. They have stated in a press release that they hope this will inspire sectors to follow suit.

The program will help pharmaceutical and healthcare suppliers to address their own operational Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions through green power procurement, which in turn will reduce the participating companies’ Scope 3 emissions. The program will be designed and delivered by Schneider Electric; the pharmaceutical companies will promote the program collectively, and individually invite their suppliers to participate. Corporate program members include:


Johnson & Johnson
Novo Nordisk

The Energize program will enable pharmaceutical suppliers to learn more about renewable energy adoption and contracting. In practice, this will mean giving suppliers – who may not otherwise have the internal resources or expertise available – the opportunity to participate in the market for power purchase agreements (PPAs).

“In support of that mission, we’re honoured to launch the Energize program and collaborate with the pharmaceutical industry to drive emissions reductions, ultimately benefitting both people and our planet,” said Susan Uthayakumar, President, Sustainable Business at Schneider Electric, in a press release.

“We believe Energize will be a really effective collaboration of pharmaceutical companies looking to take bold climate action. Every business should be moving aggressively towards using 100 per cent renewable electricity, and supporting their supply chains to do the same,” said Sam Kimmins, Head of RE100, Climate Group, in a press release.

The program will initially focus on suppliers with energy load in Europe and North America, with the intention to expand globally where interest and renewable energy market opportunity align.


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