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Let’s make your facility safe and efficient. Maintain full control over your cleaning program. Why choose Nilfisk Services?

Changing needs of markets and customers with innovative products and solutions.

For over 115 years, Nilfisk has led the way in designing and manufacturing the most innovative cleaning solutions and technologies on the market.

Today’s industrial equipment has technologies that can not only vastly reduce cleaning times and improve cleaning quality, but also reduce chemical usage, boost your sustainability efforts, and, most importantly, cut your cleaning costs.

A clean work environment can make the difference between adequate results and outstanding success, in terms of both safety and uptime. Let Nilfisk help you achieve the best possible productivity and results with powerful, highly efficient equipment that can keep the largest facilities in an optimal hygienic state.

Speak to a cleaning expert today on our selection of high-performance solutions to learn what makes Nilfisk equipment so effective when it comes to creating pristine manufacturing conditions.

Free ROI and Total Cost of Ownership Tool

The specifics of your TCO and ROI depend on your facility’s needs, your staff, and your cleaning goals.
Download Nilfisk’s guide to learn how to reduce the cost of cleaning in your operations

The NEW ROS1300 Viper Ride On Sweeper

Sweeping large areas is a tough job, but the Viper ROS1300 is a ride-on sweeper designed to keep you productive from start to finish. Cover the area you need swept with long battery run time, and see great results from optimal dust and debris collection.

Key Features and Benefits:
• High productivity from start to finish. Wide cleaning path, large debris hopper and speed combine to get the job done fast.
• Keeps the dust down. Control and containment of dust with the wet misting system ensures superior results.
• Built with safety in mind. Help reduce employee and property risks.

Introducing the ROS1300 Ride On Sweeper

This Viper ROS1300 ride on sweeper is designed with your facility in mind to stay productive from start to finish, keep dust down and enhance safety.
The ROS1300 battery also offers an extended runtime to cover the ground needed for your customers while offering great cleaning results with optimal dust and debris collection.

Cover the ground you need to with long battery runtime and see great cleaning results from optimal dust and debris collection. Operation could not be simpler, and maintenance is a breeze.

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