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Future-Focused Solutions Made With Manufacturers, For Manufacturers

Capture the true value of cloud ERP with Kinetic, a solution made with manufacturers, for manufacturers. Maximize your profitability with real-time business intelligence and an intuitive user experience. Trust the manufacturing expertise of Epicor to gain business momentum and know-how to accelerate your growth and innovation. This is the future-focused force in manufacturing.

Epicor CIO Rich Murr on Defending Against Ransomware Attacks

Manufacturing replaced financial services as the top attacked industry in 2021, according to IBM. And ransomware attacks are expected to increase from every 11 seconds to every two seconds by 2031, according to Cybercrime Magazine. To help protect your company and keep your business thriving, learn from Epicor CIO Rich Murr how cloud-based solutions and anti-malware can protect your customers data.

How Epicor Helped Manufacturer Tuffaloy Optimize its Supply Chain

Tuffaloy Products, Inc., needed to replace its DOS-based green-screen ERP system. Epicor was the only provider that met all its needs, like integration with existing systems, a cloud platform for remote access, and a solution specifically designed for manufacturing. Once implemented, Epicor gave Tuffaloy the real-time data to see and optimize its supply chain—and increase on-time delivery in Canada from around 65% to 90%.

Your Supply Chain Is Your Strategic Roadmap

To build supply chain resilience, manufacturers need software solutions with the right mix of power and flexibility. In this eBook, you’ll learn the supply chain megatrends reshaping manufacturing, the factors for creating a supply chain strategic roadmap, and the digital solutions enabling the supply chain revolution. The supply chain of the future is too complex for Excel. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to innovate.

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