Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing

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Canadian supplier of certified masks passes Level 1 ASTM tests

News July 3, 2020  
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Labatt assisting Canadian restaurants and bars with reopening kits

News June 23, 2020  
TextilesManufacturing Operations

Plastic folding box manufacturer converts to face shield manufacturer

News June 22, 2020  
Energy TextilesHuman Resources

OPG donating 10K face shields to Indigenous communities

News June 19, 2020  
TextilesManufacturing Operations

Inno Foods launches new division for manufacturing mask-making machines

News June 19, 2020  
Public Sector TextilesHuman Resources

Bauer launches new face protection to help players, coaches and fans return to hockey

News June 17, 2020  

Mask makers raise prices as material, labour costs rise amid pandemic

News June 12, 2020  

McCarthy Uniforms develops youth-friendly PPE

News June 10, 2020  

Inno Foods launches new division to solve shortage of masks and PPE

News June 9, 2020  
TextilesManufacturing Research & Development

Canadian life sciences companies collaborate on medical grade biotech mask for COVID-19

News June 8, 2020  

North Star Windows manufactures PPE for frontline workers

News June 5, 2020  

SpiderTech shifts production to make strapless face masks

Feature June 4, 2020  
TextilesOperations Sales & Marketing

Sail Outdoors Inc. files for bankruptcy protection amid COVID-19 pandemic

News June 4, 2020  
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Manufacturing during COVID-19: Ramping up again

Feature May 27, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing

SpiderTech launches strapless face masks

News May 25, 2020  
TextilesResearch & Development

Frost & Sullivan analyzes the future of adhesion prevention products in the U.S. and EU5

News May 22, 2020  
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Canadian retail sales fell 10% in March, April expected to be worse

News May 22, 2020  

Javelin provides 3D printers to Jewish General Hospital

Feature May 21, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing

Herschel Supply donates bags, rolls out masks

News May 21, 2020  
Public Sector TextilesSupply Chain

Trump says he’ll replenish stockpile for future pandemics

News May 15, 2020  
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Q&A: Ahmed Amir, Honda of Canada Mfg.

Feature May 15, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing
TextilesFinancing Supply Chain

Plastics and composites maintain growth trajectory through 2020 uncertainties: Frost & Sullivan

News May 14, 2020  

Nova Scotia chemists work with mill to create medical grade pulp for N95 masks

News May 13, 2020  

Yorkville Sound partners with StarFish Medical to produce ventilators during COVID-19

News May 13, 2020  

McCarthy Uniforms redirects production to support frontline workers

Feature May 6, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing

Hedbanz game transformed into PPE for Frontline Workers

News May 1, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing

Gildan suspends dividend, cuts executive pay after losing nearly US$100M in Q1

News April 30, 2020  

Roots repurposes Canadian factory to produce masks

News April 29, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing

H&M Canada provides $300K of product to Women’s Shelters Canada

News April 29, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing

Bauer’s journey from hockey skates to PPE

Feature April 27, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing