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Canadian Manufacturing


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Infrastructure Textiles Financing Manufacturing Operations Sales & Marketing Supply Chain

Dorel agrees to sale of China manufacturing facility

News March 19, 2021  
Heavy Machinery Infrastructure Textiles Manufacturing Operations

Tiger Group auction to feature advanced knitting, dyeing and finishing equipment

News March 16, 2021  
Textiles Manufacturing Technology / IIoT

The Canadian Shield launches medical mask manufacturing automation and vision systems

News March 16, 2021  
Textiles Financing Manufacturing Operations Supply Chain

Supply chain delays deplete Dorel stock of in demand bikes, leading to fourth quarter losses

News March 12, 2021  
Textiles Manufacturing

Medicom donates half a million masks made in Montreal to Banques alimentaires du Québec

News March 12, 2021  
Public Sector Textiles Manufacturing Operations Procurement Sales & Marketing

Nova Scotia company that retooled factory to make medical gowns loses new tender

News March 4, 2021  
Textiles Environment Manufacturing Sustainability

FPInnovations pioneers green PPE

News March 1, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Infrastructure Textiles Financing Manufacturing Operations

Kruger announces start-up of TAD tissue plant in Sherbrooke

News February 26, 2021  
Cleantech Infrastructure Textiles Environment Manufacturing Sustainability

Dinoflex achieves first third-party verified HPD for recycled rubber flooring

News February 25, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Energy Textiles Environment Manufacturing Research & Development

Asia-Pacific to lead growth of the PPE market in the wind energy industry by 2025

News February 25, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Textiles Manufacturing

A COVID Hero: Canadian Shield’s Pandemic Journey

Feature February 19, 2021  
Textiles Manufacturing

Many African countries had a surprise manufacturing surge in 2010s – it bodes well for the years ahead

Feature February 18, 2021  
Textiles Human Resources Risk & Compliance

OHS Canada: Head safety meets style

Feature February 17, 2021   OHS Canada
Cleantech Textiles Environment Manufacturing Small Business Supply Chain Sustainability

Attraction launches eco-responsible cushions made of reclaimed fabrics

News February 17, 2021  
Textiles Manufacturing Research & Development

CDC says masks must fit tightly – and two are better than one

Feature February 11, 2021  
Textiles Human Resources

DYMON Self Storage donates 2M face masks in Ontario

News February 10, 2021  
Public Sector Textiles Manufacturing Operations

Unisync announces additional contracts for operational uniforms

News February 9, 2021  
Textiles Manufacturing Operations Research & Development Supply Chain

Quebec’s Artofix set to supply N95 masks to Canadian hospitals

News February 8, 2021  
Textiles Exporting & Importing Manufacturing Operations Supply Chain

Allied Feather + Down opens new manufacturing facility in Montreal’s historic East End

Feature February 5, 2021  
Textiles Manufacturing

Manufacturing Automation: PODCAST: How Canadian manufacturers can test and certify new PPE

Feature February 3, 2021   Manufacturing Automation
Energy Textiles Environment Exporting & Importing Manufacturing Supply Chain

Canadian Rockies Hemp Corporation closes financing to complete hemp processing facility

News February 2, 2021  
Textiles Manufacturing Research & Development Technology / IIoT

McRae Imaging gets a boost from NGen funding

Feature February 1, 2021  
Textiles Manufacturing

Medicom producing new pediatric procedure and tie-on surgical masks

News January 28, 2021  
Infrastructure Textiles Environment Manufacturing Procurement Supply Chain

NGen announces $27 million in funding for winners of the Strategic Supply Challenge

News January 21, 2021  
Textiles Environment Manufacturing

They’re everywhere: New study finds polyester fibres throughout the Arctic Ocean

Feature January 12, 2021  
Textiles Manufacturing Supply Chain

COVID-19 face masks represent a chance to restore Canadian manufacturing

Feature January 11, 2021