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Canadian Manufacturing


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Cleantech Energy Sustainability

Regulatory barriers shutting clean tech investors out of BC: Green party leader

News May 10, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Cleantech Energy Operations Sustainability

U.S. launches clean energy manufacturing program, opens Carbon Fiber Technology Facility

News March 26, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Cleantech Energy Manufacturing

More than a dozen clean tech projects to receive CCEMC funding

News October 31, 2012  
Cleantech Exporting & Importing Procurement

EDC, SDTC team up to help boost Canada’s clean technologies

News October 5, 2012  
Cleantech Manufacturing

Weyerhaeuser and partners invest $60M in US paper plant

News August 23, 2012  
Cleantech Energy Manufacturing

CleanTech M&A hit $21 billion in Q1

News June 26, 2012  
Cleantech Environment

Canadian chemists fingerprint oil to catch ocean polluters

News December 19, 2011  
Cleantech Operations Research & Development

$100,000 prize in Nova Scotia competition for top cleantech start-up

News September 29, 2011  
Cleantech Energy Sustainability

Greenbuild passes up for grabs

News September 28, 2011  
Cleantech Energy Sustainability

Canadian cleantech revenues growing at 19 percent

News September 8, 2011  
Automotive Cleantech Operations Procurement

McMaster University gets $11.5M for auto research centre

News August 24, 2011  
Cleantech Energy Manufacturing

$6.3-million investment for cool cleantech

News May 31, 2011  
Cleantech Energy Oil & Gas Operations Sustainability

$7.5M for biomass company

News May 30, 2011  
Cleantech Energy Oil & Gas Sustainability

Investor risks and opportunities in clean tech

News April 27, 2011  
Cleantech Energy Operations Sustainability

$16.5M project to turn industrial emissions into commercial product

News April 8, 2011  
Cleantech Energy Environment Operations Procurement

Siemens announces new business division

News March 29, 2011  
Cleantech Energy Manufacturing

Clean tech investments hit $243B

News March 29, 2011  
Cleantech Energy Operations

Ontario clean technology scoops US contract worth more than $1M

News January 24, 2011  
Cleantech Energy Manufacturing

Challenge awarding $15M for emission cutting ideas

News November 4, 2010