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Rogers launches business cybersecurity platform for social media

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Social Media Security employs data insights, real-time alerts and relationships with social media networks to protect companies' social media profiles

TORONTO—Social media is a cornerstone of most businesses’ marketing strategy, but accounts on social media sites can be vulnerable. The damage from a cyber-attack on a company’s social media accounts can be severe, so a Canadian telecom giant is trying to make social media marketing more secure.

On Mar. 15, Rogers launched its online Social Media Security platform, a cloud-based solution that protects social media accounts.

According to Rogers, social media scams have become the number one method to breach business networks. Cybercriminals can hack into company accounts, impersonate brands and obtain or leak confidential information on a company’s customer base.

Social Media Security by Rogers employs a set of tools to safeguard corporate social media profiles:

  • Always-on insights: Businesses have access to data and insights that will identify malicious posts, profiles, content and false accounts. A team of security risk analysts monitors businesses profiles to provide this data.
  • Real-time alerts: Customers will receive real-time alerts from a monitoring team so they can take fast action against security threats, such as customer scams, piracy, account take-overs and impersonations.
  • Expedited takedowns: Rogers has direct relationships with major social networks, so fraudulent or damaging content can be taken down in a matter of hours—Rogers argues it could take days or weeks for a customer to resolve a cyber-attack on their own.

Social Media Security is a platform built and supported in cooperation with ZeroFox, a North American cybersecurity specialist that deals with social media and digital channels.

“A cyber attack on a social media profile has the potential to cost a business millions of dollars, or worse, lasting reputational damage,” said Nitin Kawale, president, Enterprise Business Unit, Rogers Communications.

“Social media is, without a doubt, a core business application. Securing the business, customer and employee engagement across social media platforms is now a priority for security teams and business owners everywhere,” said James C. Foster, CEO, ZeroFox.


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