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Ontario Premier Doug Ford to shuffle cabinet today

The shuffle comes as Ford is falling in the polls. The last shuffle was in November, former minister Jim Wilson resigned

June 20, 2019  by CP Staff

PHOTO: Doug Ford via Flickr

TORONTO – Ontario Premier Doug Ford is set to shuffle his cabinet today.

The reset comes just after Ford and his Progressive Conservatives marked one year since they won a majority government.

When asked recently about the possibility of a shuffle, Ford said he has the “best cabinet this province has ever seen,” though he noted that each of his ministers could hop into any portfolio.

The shuffle also comes as Ford is falling in the polls, with some suggesting his unpopularity could hurt federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s chances in the province ahead of the federal election in October.


Ontario’s elected representatives are on an extra-long summer break, which gives the reassigned cabinet ministers a chance to acquaint themselves with their new portfolios before returning to the legislature after the federal vote.

Ford’s last shuffle was in November, when about half a dozen ministers were reassigned following the resignation of Jim Wilson to seek treatment for addiction issues.