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Ontario company fined after worker injured by baler at recycling plant

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The worker was permanently injury in a 2015 incident when trying to clear a jam in a cardboard baler

BRAMPTON, Ont.—NexCycle Industries Ltd. has been fined $65,000 for a 2015 injury that left a worker at its Brampton, Ont recycling plant permanently injured.

The company operates a recycling facility that’s part of Ontario’s blue-box collection and the Beer Store’s bottle deposit program.

According to the Ministry of Labour, a worker was trying to clear a jam in a cardboard baler, which compresses and bundles the material for storage or transport, when the incident occurred. Without locking out the machine, the worker put one hand in the baler in an attempt to clear the blockage. The worker’s wrist was caught behind the ram of the machine, causing a permanent injury.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act stipulates any machine with an exposed moving part must be guarded.


NexCycle pleaded guilty to the violation in a Brampton courtroom July 11.


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