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Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium announces new president

EMC announced the appointment of its new president at the Advantage Through Excellence - Future of Manufacturing Conference

October 9, 2019   Rehana Begg

PHOTO: Jean Pierre (JP) Giroux, national director, Skills and Talent Development, EMC (featured to the right), takes over from Shawn Casemore (left) as president of EMC/Rehana Begg

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium, EMC, announced the appointment of Jean Pierre (JP) Giroux as its new president.

The announcement was made at EMC’s Advantage Through Excellence – Future of Manufacturing Conference on October 9.

Giroux, who is currently the National Director, Skills and Talent Development for EMC, takes over from Shawn Casemore, who has acted as EMC’s interim president for the past two years.

With an extensive career in the manufacturing sector, Giroux’s experience combined with his exposure to EMC, positions him well to ensure his success in the role of President of EMC, said Al Diggins, EMC Chairman of the Board.


“In bringing Jean-Pierre into the role of President, we bring someone from EMC who understands today’s manufacturing industry challenges and opportunities and is committed to ensuring our members have the tools, resources and support necessary that will help them achieve short-term and long-term success,” said Diggins.

Giroux has held positions with economic development, NGO, management consulting and manufacturing organizations throughout Canada. Beginning as an economic development officer in Canada’s Capital Region, Giroux has devoted more than 20 years developing innovative workplace performance-based solutions for the Canadian manufacturing sector.

Casemore will continue to be an active member of the EMC team and network, as well as provide management support to ensure a smooth transition.

“I’ve been fortunate to lead EMC through a pivotal time of transition and I look forward to continuing to support Jean Pierre, the Board, EMCs employees and members in the months and years to come,” said Casemore.

EMC is Canada’s largest manufacturing consortium with more than 1,000 industry events annually. EMC provides knowledge, expertise and industry resources for nearly 13, 000 consortium and online member manufacturers, in 60 consortium regions and spanning more than 450 communities across Canada.

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