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Canadian workers more stressed

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TORONTO: Canadian workers are feeling more stress than they did a year ago, according to a new survey by Desjardins Group, a financial, group benefits and insurance provider headquartered in Levi, Que.

More Desjardins Financial Security National Health Survey results:

  • 74% were passionate about their work
  • 75% liked their co-workers
  • 76% were generally satisfied with their jobs
  • 32% felt their employer helped them manage work stress
  • 36% wanted better recognition from employers
  • 19% needed better tools
  • 31% wanted a better work environment
  • 26% wanted better overall working conditions
  • 36% wanted better recognition from employers
  • 36% wanted better recognition from employers

Survey participants indicated an insufficient salary (30 per cent), work overload (27per cent), a lack of recognition (22 per cent) and a negative work environment (22 per cent) were major stressors.

However, participants said they are taking proactive steps to managing their work-related stress, such as relaxing their personal need for excellence or perfection at work, adopting new working styles and being more realistic about urgent deadlines.


“The good news from the survey is that employees are taking steps to improve their stress levels,” said Michele Nowski, director of Disability Income Claims and Disability Management with Desjardins Financial Security.

“We’re seeing an expectations gap between employers and employees,” said Nowski. “Employees and employers are not struggling with the same work-related issues. While it seems simple enough to suggest providing better recognition and improving the work environment, ultimately the best way to tackle this issue is through teamwork and communication.”


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