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Ottawa invests $41M to support research projects at 11 Canadian auto parts firms

Advanced composites and self-repairing vehicle bodies are among the innovative projects to secure funding

January 17, 2018  by Canadian Staff

The investments will support research and development projects at 11 companies in three provinces

OTTAWA—The federal government is backing expansion projects at 11 Canadian automotive suppliers with $41 million in new funding from its Strategic Innovation Fund.

One B.C. company, two Quebec businesses and eight Ontario manufacturers will benefit from the initiative, which aims to bolster Canadian innovation and create new auto sector jobs.

One of the country’s key manufacturing segments, the auto industry contributes about $19 billion to Canada’s GDP and directly or indirectly employs more than half a million workers.

Ottawa says the new funding will create or maintain 2,600 jobs.

The 11 companies to get funding, according to the federal government:


Blue Solutions Canada Inc., of Boucherville, Quebec, will receive $9,043,135 to develop a high-performance, low-cost lithium metal polymer to make battery packs for passenger vehicles smaller and more efficient and improve their storage capacity.

SWITCH Materials Inc., of Burnaby, British Columbia, will receive $8,257,600 to develop and implement an advanced glazing technology to make vehicles lighter and, as a result, more efficient. The glazing would also help reduce vehicles’ gas emission.

Nova Steel Inc., of Woodstock, Ontario, will receive $7,436,750 to develop second-generation advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) as well as technologies to make its plant more efficient. This will help Nova Steel leverage current and future demands for AHSS for lighter vehicles and for electric and autonomous vehicles.

AGS Automotive Systems, of Toronto, Ontario, will receive $7,009,438 to produce lighter composite materials for introduction in the design and commercialization of high-stress, high-performance automotive parts such as battery trays, bumpers, steps for lighter trucks and front suspension tower systems.

Sciemetric Instruments Inc., of Ottawa, Ontario, will receive $2,927,538 to advance its product to meet manufacturers’ next-generation needs within their overall business, bringing visibility into manufacturers’ processes and helping them with quality and cost.

JP Bowman Ltd. (o/a Bowman Precision Tooling), of Brantford, Ontario, will receive $2,657,500 to create a prototype of third-generation advanced high-strength steel “B” pillars, the main vertical bar between driver and passenger doors. This could help make vehicles lighter, more fuel efficient and safer.

Lakeside Plastics Ltd., of Tecumseh, Ontario, will receive $1,100,250 to develop innovative new molding processes for lightweight and more environmentally friendly material for vehicles.

Marwood Metal Fabrication Ltd., of Tillsonburg, Ontario, will receive $953,500 to develop a new production process using carbon fibre to manufacture lighter and stronger roof headers. This will help improve cars’ structural integrity while making them lighter and more fuel efficient.

Abraham Innovation Systems Inc., of Markham, Ontario, will receive $701,669 to develop technology that can inspect and repair painted vehicle bodies without any human intervention, thus meeting the growing demand for these types of systems.

Synergx Technologies Inc., of Laval, Quebec, will receive $782,401 to create a non-contact 3D glass inspection system that will be more precise, accurate and timely than existing systems.

Meridian Lightweight Technologies Inc.
, of Strathroy, Ontario, will receive $347,840 to build a strong magnesium joint to replace existing steel shock towers. This technology can help reduce vehicle weight by up to 57%, thus increasing fuel efficiency.

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